Best Mesothelioma Products 2019

Updated July 23rd, 2019

Best Overall

Written by someone who has actually survived mesothelioma for over 20 years. Full of useful information for anyone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma.


Best Alternative Source

For mesothelioma patients who want scientific data on alternative therapies.


Easiest To Use

For mesothelioma patients who want a simple plan to follow each day.

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Reviewed by: Matt Clarke
Research at Cancer Monthly

Diagnosed with mesothelioma? Or know someone who is?

You are about to discover some of the best mesothelioma products available right now. You will see the pros and cons of each, how easy they are to use, how much they cost (if anything), and what our expert reviewer has rated them from 1-5 stars.

This is not a list of treatments or treatment plans, so you should talk to your doctor before doing any of the suggestions listed in the products.

Now, on to the reviews...

Reviewed by: Matt Clarke,
Research at Cancer Monthly

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, so I started looking for resources that might help him while he undergoes chemo. Paul Kraus's name kept popping up when I googled, and eventually I clicked on the links. When I read that he's considered the longest-lived mesothelioma survivor alive today, I knew I had to get the book and find out his secret...

While looking for resources on living with mesothelioma, I came across Rhio O'Connor's book. I've always been skeptical of anything labeled alternative medicine, so I was prepared to write this off as New Age hokum. To my surprise and relief, O'Connor's book is a well documented and thoughtful look at ways that a person can improve their health rather than attempt to cure their cancer...

I was looking for recipes I could recommend to a "Living with Cancer" group I volunteer for when I came across this cookbook. I recognized Paul Kraus's name from the book he wrote about living with mesothelioma, so I thought I would check this out...

Paul Kraus is billed as the longest-living survivor of mesothelioma, and this planner outlines the daily routine he uses to keep himself healthy. It's a single fold-out, color-coded sheet, easy to post up on the wall or the fridge, with some inspirational quotes from Paul and a few help numbers specific for mesothelioma patients...

On this DVD Paul speaks clearly and eloquently about his experiences after being diagnosed with mesothelioma. He doesn't sugarcoat the realities of his diagnosis, but he does make a genuine effort to keep his outlook positive. His videos help to clarify some of the points in his book or allow him to elaborate on specific points that may have been buried in the text...

The mug is made from standard white ceramic that feels sturdy rather than delicate, which I liked. The words "This is What a Mesothelioma Survivor Looks Like" are printed on both sides, as is the graphic of the ribbon. I washed the mug before I gave it to my uncle and the graphics didn't fade or flake off in the wash...

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