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Mesothelioma Product Type: Soft Cover Book
Author: Sue Kraus
Pages: 68
Reviewed by Doctors: Yes

I was looking for recipes I could recommend to a "Living with Cancer" group I volunteer for when I came across this cookbook. I recognized Paul Kraus's name from the book he wrote about living with mesothelioma, so I thought I would check this out.

The book isn't very big (68 pages), but it manages to cram a lot of information in its pages. There's a good discussion about which foods have cancer-fighting properties and how much of them you should try to eat. Inside, you'll find ten recipes collected by Kraus's wife, Sue, which helped Kraus improve his general health. I particularly liked the way the "diet" is referred to as a lifestyle change, since the goal is to improve a person's health long-term. It was also nice seeing a recipe book that encourages mesothelioma patients to look at their modified diet as a way to regain control over their health.

In short, the good:


  • Ingredients were easy to locate in the supermarket, and most were pretty low-cost
  • Recipes were really simple and didn't require a lot of prep time
  • There's a whole chapter written by a doctor about why certain ingredients can help you fight cancer, which was really informative
  • I really liked the way the book frames changing your eating habits as taking control of your own health instead of it being something you must do because a doctor said so


  • It does only come with 10 recipes, so there's not a lot of variety. If you get bored eating the same foods over and over, you might want to supplement with another cookbook
  • Similarly, there are only 2 juice recipes, so once again you might get bored with the same things over and over

Basically, this is a nice little cookbook that can help explain why eating healthier can help you fight mesothelioma. It might not have a lot of variety, but maybe someone more skilled at cooking could take these as inspiration to create their own recipes. Four out of five stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 4/5

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