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Mesothelioma Product Type: Trifold Planner
Author: Surviving Mesothelioma
Pages: 2
Reviewed by Doctors: Yes

I happened to get a copy of this planner when I ordered the Mesothelioma Survivors' Diet. Paul Kraus is billed as the longest-living survivor of mesothelioma, and this planner outlines the daily routine he uses to keep himself healthy. It's a single fold-out, color-coded sheet, easy to post up on the wall or the fridge, with some inspirational quotes from Paul and a few help numbers specific for mesothelioma patients.

The weekly planner is divided up into days, with each day split into periods of time. Paul starts his day at 8am, so the planner begins there. In each time slot, he has a brief description of what he does during that part of the day. In the 1:00-1:30pm slot, he offers two different options for filling the time, either meditation or exercises and journaling. Mealtimes are scheduled, as are exercises, leisure activities, and sleep. It's an excellent breakdown of exactly how you can fill your time during the day.

Here's what I liked:


  • I have trouble structuring my day myself, so it was good to have an example from someone else that I could modify
  • Loved that it included phone numbers for 24-hour phone lines for treatment options, second opinions, legal counsel, and emergency help
  • The quotes on the planner were inspirational without getting cheesy


  • Paul is pretty strong in his religion and builds in time for his faith in his daily routine. If you're an atheist or even agnostic, it might feel silly to spend 30 minutes on this step every day
  • This seems like a good schedule for someone who stays at home, but anyone who tries to travel after their diagnosis might need to adjust their planner accordingly
  • I couldn't find where to get the planner by itself, it is sent with the cookbook.

In short, this was a really easy-to-follow planner that can help you establish a routine. Five stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5/5

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