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Mesothelioma Product Type: Soft Cover Book
Author: James "Rhio" O'Connor
Pages: 191
Reviewed by Doctors: Yes

While looking for resources on living with mesothelioma, I came across Rhio O'Connor's book. I've always been skeptical of anything labeled alternative medicine, so I was prepared to write this off as New Age hokum. To my surprise and relief, O'Connor's book is a well documented and thoughtful look at ways that a person can improve their health rather than attempt to cure their cancer. He has over 40 references from articles written by doctors.

Instead of telling you exactly what you should do, O'Connor is interested in dispensing information that will help patients choose their own path. He explains his own diagnosis and his decision to seek out additional treatments and empowers other patients to do the same for themselves. He is positive and upbeat.

O'Connor is excellent at taking medical information and making it understandable. He breaks his journey down into chapters with a particular focus (Self Sufficiency, Diet & Health, My Supplements, Nutrition & Mesothelioma, Case Studies, etc.) and goes into great detail about each topic's importance. O'Connor's biggest theme is self-reliance and how the patient needs to be responsible for their own treatment and their own mindset. That means seeking out the best information and making your own choices regarding treatment instead of just blinding accepting a diagnosis.

Some other things I loved:


  • Book is really clear that alternative medicine won't cure cancer, but it can help the patient's general health
  • O'Connor translates a lot of difficult medical terms into explanations the layman can understand
  • The Appendices in the back are full of useful charts, questions, names of articles, and an interview from another mesothelioma patient


  • There are some minor editing errors, but nothing that detracts from understanding what O'Connor is talking about or what he wants you to know

I'd recommend this book to anyone looking seriously at alternative medicine options for dealing with their mesothelioma. It's well-researched, easy-to-understand, and can provide readers with great resources for making their own treatment decisions. Four out of five stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 4/5

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