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Mesothelioma Product Type: Soft Cover Book
Author: Paul Kraus
Pages: 192
Reviewed by Doctors: Yes

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, so I started looking for resources that might help him while he undergoes chemo. Paul Kraus's name kept popping up when I googled, and eventually I clicked on the links. When I read that he's considered the longest-lived mesothelioma survivor alive today, I knew I had to get the book and find out his secret.

The book itself is really simple to understand. It doesn't baffle you with medical jargon or try to sound smarter than it is. Kraus really wants people to see that there's hope with a mesothelioma diagnosis, and his book is full of methods for cancer patients to stay positive despite what can feel like devastating news. The section on "The Silent Healer" that he says is inside everyone was particularly interesting. I think what my friend will find most useful is the section about different types of healing and nutritional changes.

There's more I could say, but to summarize my other thoughts, here's a quick breakdown:


  • Easy-to-understand language
  • Good for people looking for alternative treatments for mesothelioma, or people who want help learning to be more positive about their recovery chances
  • Lots of advice on changing your diet and lifestyle to aid your healing
  • There's a huge index at the back with a glossary, interviews, questions to ask, etc. in case you get confused at any point during your reading


  • If you aren't a person with a really strong spiritual faith, you might be a little turned-off by the language. It's clear Kraus's beliefs are important to his healing, so if that's not your thing, it can come across a little "New Age-y"
  • Since so much of the book is about positivity, some of the ideas can be a bit repetitive from chapter to chapter

Overall, this book was really informative and helpful for maintaining a positive point of view. Even if you decide to go with traditional medicine like chemo, it's still full of a lot of helpful resources that might make treatment go more smoothly. Definitely recommended. Five out of five.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 5/5

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